Wednesday, June 22, 2011

eyeTests now available

eyeTest app is now available on the AppStore.
I developed it when I find it hard to get a proper eye chart app that displays at
different viewing distances. Also I want to have a handy amsler grid that I can take
with me where ever I go.

eyeTest will remain free because I developed it initially to help my own clinical practice.
I will try to update it regularly with new eye tests when I can, I'm thinking
perhaps to add a hue rearrangement module or contrast sensitivity test. Your suggestions welcome.

Also note that a version of the eyeTest also comes with the eyePatients app and the
eyeDiary app. This way your eyeTest results can be recorded in a database for plotting on a graph for your clinician to review.

watch this space. :-)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

upcoming update

* you will be able to synchronize all of your data with your desk top in the latest update.
* synchronise data with data on patient's iPad ( allowing your patients to keep a record of their progress)